Sparklehorse,CSS3,Layer styles and the Futur= of Now

Lovely layering of styles,musical,encoded and digitally rendered. Today a preponderance of juxtapositions:intense sunshine and spring rain,a marriage of musical fragments converge:My Bloody Valentine,David Bowie,Built to Spill,Palace Brothers,and The Latin Playboys,merging into a song by Sparklehorse:(yeah a couple actually):“More Yellow Birds”  “Babies on the Sun”and “Apple Bed.”
Ribbon effects in CSS3 (it is rumored that IE9 will actually support CSS3—imagine!). Brilliant.

laura alisanne fractal rainbow one igoogle

New iGoogle theme available for your iGoolge homepage

Topping it all off,my first design submission to iGoogle accepted,called “Fractal Rainbow One”(check it out,try it out). More to come,‘fo sho’.