Pen to Paper

Doodle as Meditation

I recently rediscovered doodling. I find it very relaxing and centering. Often times doodling becomes a kind of meditation,a way in. It has a calming a centering effect,and will sometimes lead to an a-ha! or answer where I knew none existed. Putting the mouse down,picking up […]

Concentric Circles d’Art

Concentric Circles d'Art

What could be more calming or uplifting than the concentric circle? Well,put it on a polyester blouse and ba-boom,instant Nirvana! If I didn’t own this shirt,I’d be jealous. Ommmm.

Time for a New Doo

Time for a New Doo

I subscribe to the NYT online. Every morning I see what tidbits they have to offer me in the way of news,art,culture and food. Today I watched a video side show of some of the work of the great fashion photographer,Richard Avedon. The show […]

Brand Spankin’New!

Keep Your Fears to Yourself

How fun is this!

Installed WP onto my server,and am now playing in the big sandbox. As my friend Carrie reminds me:WOOT! Three cheers for learning!

This is a CD cover I created for a fictitious band originally posted to Facebook as part of […]