Making Artist Trading Cards

from wikiHow –The How to Manual That You Can Edit Artist trading cards,or ATCs,began in the tradition of business cards,but with a personal,artistic twist. Most ATCs are created on paper,but they may also be any other medium that can be worked in a suitable size. ATCs are traditionally the […]

A Passionate Solstice

Passionate Flower

Right here in my little corner of temperate geography,the first bloom from my Passion Flower vine,planted late in the season last year,struts its eccentric self. Lucky me!

A Bean is Born

Bean Head

Here come the Romas! These are the very large,flat,meaty beans that are so delicious steamed with butter,salt &pepper. I was first introduced to these beans by an elderly Italian man named John,who,along with his wife Lena,tended a jaw dropping acre of vegetables. […]

Photoshop Sandbox

Rocked the Tut

Playtime in Photoshop. Hey it’s Saturday morning,time for coffee and a Tut. This one was easy to follow,and pretty darned satisfying when complete. You can find the Tut by going here.

Bleeding Heart

Dicentra spectabilis-Latin for "Remarkable"

New to my garden,is this delicate and tender plant. It is blooming right now under a sweeping double purple lilac tree in the front yard. Bleeding Heart also goes by the name Lady’s Locket,Lady’s Heart,and Lyre Flower. If you bend back the little lyre-shaped petals […]

Recycled Newspaper

Do It Yourself

I miss this big guy. He stood about 5 feet tall,and was constructed from chicken wire,wood,newspaper,masking tape and wheat paste (wallpaper paste from the hardware store). My friends and I threw a huge halloween dance party at the Elks,and we each made a […]

Fun-damental Reading

Treasure Trove

Harold and the Purple Crayon. Have you read it? It’s one of my favorite books from childhood. It’s about a kid who can draw his way in and out of any situation with the aid of his imagination and a trusty purple crayon. Well,my major thrift store […]

Rhubarb Love

#gallery-1{margin:auto;} #gallery-1 .gallery-item{float:left;margin-top:10px;text-align:center;width:33%;} #gallery-1 img{border:2px solid #cfcfcf;} #gallery-1 .gallery-caption{margin-left:0;} Rhubarb Light Stalk and Awe Color Inspiration

In humble awe of the elegant Rhubarb,who gives me delicious compote to stir into homemade yogurt. Gracias por todos.