My Free Moo Cards

Ten free Moo cards on their way

A screen shot of the images I uploaded to MOO for their free offer.

Have I mentioned just how much I love Moo Mini-cards? Probably not on my blog. But I’ve done the appropriate amount of squealing,gushing,strutting,and effusing about them to friends,coworkers and strangers who take my cards. (And yes,when I first received them in the mail,there was a happy dance involved in the privacy of my kitchen).

Anyway,I was on the Moo site today,and noticed they had an offer for ten free business cards,so I thought I’d give ’em a try before ordering a larger quantity. I uploaded eight of my own images,customized the flip side with contact details,and a little banner image across the top,hit the send button,and now twiddle my thumbs in anticipation of their arrival.

Moo’s headquartered in London,but opened an additional shop on the East Coast a few months ago. This is great news for those of us State-side,b/c shipping time will be uber-quick. So here’s a little digital shout-out to Moo. They’re also on FB and have a great blog,–take a gander.

Fun-damental Reading

Treasure Trove 

Treasure Trove


Harold and the Purple Crayon. Have you read it? It’s one of my favorite books from childhood. It’s about a kid who can draw his way in and out of any situation with the aid of his imagination and a trusty purple crayon. Well,my major thrift store find today was of this treasury of Harold stories,five in all. $1.29. You can’t beat the price.