X-ray Vision

Okay,it was back in the Photoshop sandbox with me. New to javascript,I was chomping at the bit to try this technique first seen on my friend Corey’s blog. I thought it was so unbelievably cool that I spent the better part of a Saturday night tweaking and uploading,and tweaking some more.

The original script is available here from the good folk at Nihilogic Labs. If you love to work in Photoshop,the possibilities are limitless for what you can reveal behind the original image. Clicking on the “Fiesta”image below will take you to my web page so you can mouse around with the x-ray effect yourself. It’s fun,so get out there and play.

Fiesta de la Vida logo with an xray effect applied using javascript

Fiesta de la Vida logo with an x-ray effect applied using javascript

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