Bleeding Heart

Dicentra spectabilis-Latin for "Remarkable"

Dicentra spectabilis-Latin for "Remarkable"

New to my garden,is this delicate and tender plant. It is blooming right now under a sweeping double purple lilac tree in the front yard. Bleeding Heart also goes by the name Lady’s Locket,Lady’s Heart,and Lyre Flower. If you bend back the little lyre-shaped petals it will reveal a tiny,slightly scandalous Lady in the Bath (another common name).

2 comments to Bleeding Heart

  • Erica

    Lovely! mine are the white kind. Happy Friday to ya.

  • DeeAnn

    These were my absolute favorite as a kid! I thought they were the most exotic thing ever. I still like ’em. If I knew the deer wouldn’t eat them,I might try planting one now.